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Learn Why a Smartop Is the Best Cover For Your Hot Tub

Learn from Smartop owners across the country why a Smartop is the best cover for your hot tub. Discover why they purchased Smartop and how their experience has been with the product.

For more than fifty years, spa owners have longed for an alternative to the ever-failing vinyl cover that becomes water-logged, develops mold and odor, requiring regular replacement that is costly and burdensome.

With a chic and stylish design that is easy to operate, durable, and long-lasting, Smartop is the only spa cover that is hassle-free and maintenance-free, providing the spa ownership experience you expect and deserve.

The Spa Cover You Deserve Has:

• No maintenance
• Zero water absorption
• Dual integrated cover lift system
• Durable and strong
• Exclusive heat retention system
• Safe and secure
• Attractive woven PVC skirt

Smart Top Difference

Smartop Cares About the Environment

More than one million traditional vinyl covers are discarded annually. Sadly, the foam insulating material used in the vinyl cover is not readily biodegradable. Research shows it takes as long as a hundred years for the foam material to decompose. Below are more concerning facts about extended polystyrene foam and its effects on Mother Earth:

  • 25-35% (by volume) of landfills are comprised of polystyrene products (about 10 cu ft. of volume taken up for every 10,000 cups in a landfill)
  • 80% of extended polystyrene foam ends up in landfills and much of the remaining 20% in waterways (as per U.S. Environmental Protection Agency: 3 million tons of polystyrene produced in the U.S per year; 2.3 million tons end up in landfills, with much of the remainder finding its way into waterways)
  • 18% of total coastal clean-up costs are attributed to polystyrene products  Smartop is the only spa cover designed and built as a non-disposable cover – one that will never negatively impact the environment – making Smartop not just a smart choice, but the responsible choice as well.

Smartop is the only spa cover designed and built as a non-disposable cover – one that will never negatively impact the environment. Thus, Smartop is not just a smart choice but also a responsible choice.

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