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Meet iCare and SoftSkinSpa

We’re so excited to talk about iCare and SoftSkinSpa.

iCare is Water Made Easy™

Water chemistry can be difficult, and iCare is here to help. It is another proven product from Ideal Water Care™ and has been established for years. It is called iCare (Water Made Easy™), and it simply floats in your hot tub water. iCare is low profile (about the size of a smartphone). iCare creates a better experience for you and your family.

Sustainable and Eco-friendly:

Unlike other devices, iCare is not a disposable product. You can replace all three sensors and recharge the battery (just a few times per year). It’s made of UV and sanitizer-resistant plastic.

Peace of Mind:

It monitors 24/7 through a free simple smartphone App and does all the hard work for you.

iCare analyzes your water, gives you notifications, and gives you a recommendation on what to add and how much to add. You’ll get convenient reminders for regular care (cleaning filter(s), draining and cleaning, replacing filter(s), adding sanitizer and water balancing chemicals, etc.).

It is not attached to the spa equipment, and it works independently from the spa. For example, if your hot tub loses power and starts to lose temperature, you get notified. If bad weather is approaching, you get notified to check your cover.

Comfort and Health:

Your customer iCare dashboard shows:

  • Temperature
  • pH
  • Sanitizer (Chl, Br and Salt)
  • TDS/Salt
  • Local weather (receive notifications to lock your cover when bad weather is approaching)
  • Adjusts for Ozone, UVC, Silver and SoftSkinSpa™
  • Battery level



You’ll enjoy your hot tub more with SoftSkinSpa.  You’ll find SoftSkinSpa gives you the feeling of softness, protection, and balance in your hot tub water.  SoftSkinSpa™ helps you enjoy your hot tub more.

SoftSkinSpa™ is more than just a premium hot tub water conditioner.  It’s specially formulated for soft water, soft skin, and protection from the harshness of everyday hot tub chemicals,

Plus, it helps balance your spa water and your pH, total alkalinity, and sanitizer with ease with once-a-week dosing.  No more dry skin, damaged hair, fighting the water pH or alkalinity.


SoftSkinSpa is a once-a-week dosing of only one cap per 100 gals of hot tub water.  Are your hot tub chemicals irritating your skin? Are they hard on your hot tub and difficult to manage? If so, SoftSkinSpa is for you.  Each kit (box) lasts four months for a 400-gallon hot tub.    

It’s time to start enjoying your hot tub water more, and you can with these new great products!