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Picking Out the Right Hot Tub to Buy

When it comes to picking out the right hot tub, how do you know what to buy?

First, you start with the research. You learn about the benefits of hot tubbing. And at some point, you know you are ready to purchase a new spa.

In this article, we look at picking out the right hot tub, so you get the best one for your needs and for your budget. Let’s consider the following important factors.


Hot tubs can range in price from $350 for an inflatable model that you’d find at Target or Walmart to a jumbo 15-person, 72-jet swim spa that costs more than $25,000. Most personal spas are somewhere in between.

So, it’s time to take a hard look at your budget. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Will you pay cash or finance the hot tub?
  • How much of a payment does your budget allow?
  • Do you know the delivery, installation, and ongoing ownership costs? For example, a cheap, poorly insulated hot tub is much more expensive to operate, while a high-quality, fully insulated spa can run for pennies a day.

Your Family Size

How many people are in your family? You can most often find the following size ranges:

  • Two to three-person models
  • Five to six-person models
  • Six to eight-person models.

So, unless you are planning to invest in that large swim spa, those are the standard sizes you’ll choose from. Choose the best size for your family long-term.

How to Know Which Hot Tub to Buy

Your Friends

You may also use your hot tub for entertaining.

The hot tub is a great place to socialize or to catch up with family members who visit.

Owners frequently use the hot tub to entertain on weekends or for special events. Teens invite friends. You may want to purchase a model large enough to accommodate guests.

If you only plan to use it for your own personal wellness, a smaller model might suit your needs better.

Space Limitations

How much space do you have for a hot tub? If you have the room, you can enjoy a large hot tub. Small hot tubs are available for smaller spaces. Measure your space to figure out how your new spa will fit before you visit the showroom.

You can also look at plug-and-play models if you live in a smaller apartment or condo.

Energy Efficiency

Who wants a hot tub that’s going to drive up energy costs like crazy? No one.

The best hot tubs are well-insulated and cost very little to operate. Your costs will vary depending on:

  • Which model you choose
  • The temperature you set
  • How often you use it
  • The cost of electricity in your area
  • The mean ambient temperature. The colder your area, the more important it is to buy an energy-efficient hot tub.

Quality and Reputation

A hot tub is a major investment, so choose a brand with a reputation for high quality.

Read through customer reviews to get an idea of how other owners feel about their purchases. The best brands engage with and respond to customers.

If you buy a hot tub from a fair, carnival, parking lot, or Craigslist and then have a problem with your spa, the seller will likely be long gone, and you could have trouble getting assistance, even under warranty.

Dealer Knowledge

In addition to vetting the manufacturer’s quality and reputation, you should also stick with knowledgeable dealers like Ultra Modern Pool & Patio. Stick with a reputable dealer who is local and available to answer questions and provide service and who offers the opportunity to wet test the hot tub.

Check out our virtual tour to learn more about hot tubs from home, or stop by any of our three stores!

After-Sale Support

Buy from a dealer who knows his or her product inside and out and can provide excellent customer service before and after the purchase. You want to buy from a dealer well-versed in chemicals and water care and who offers service options as well.

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