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Soaking in a Winter Wonderland

Dreaming about your winter soaks and soaking in a winter wonderland? Prepare your hot tub for the winter with these simple tips.

Your hot tub is the perfect winter sanctuary in your own backyard. You can enjoy the beauty of a snow-filled world or a cold winter’s evening in complete warmth and relaxation.

Whether you want to use your hot tub a lot during the winter or you’re going to drain it, it’s time to winterize it. By following these steps, you’ll protect your investment, so you have years of enjoyment and rejuvenation.

Check out these basic steps, but always consult the winterizing tips in your Caldera Spas owner’s manual. You can also ask us for assistance.

Keep Your Spa Water Clean

Like any time of year, you still want to be mindful of keeping the water clean and well-balanced during the winter.

Your FreshWater® Salt System is designed to keep your water safe and gentle on the eyes and skin with no harsh odors. Just stick to this basic routine, and your hot tub will always be ready when you are.

1. Adjust your water care based on usage

Keeping the water clean and well-balanced ensures your Caldera spa is ready to enjoy whenever the mood strikes. Prepare for the winter months by adjusting your water care. This varies by the type of system you have.

  • The FreshWater Salt System makes winter water maintenance pretty simple. This system sanitizes water by using a disposable cartridge to generate chlorine from salt. These cartridges last four months, which means less frequent cartridge changes.
  • FROG® Water Care Systems keep your water clean automatically, meaning you spend less time standing out in the cold, fussing over controls, and more time enjoying your soak. Just set the dial on the cartridges, insert them in the spa, and you’re good to go. Set a reminder to replace chlorine cartridges for four weeks and the mineral cartridges for four months.

2. Rinse off before entering the hot tub

Clean skin is key to maintaining clean spa water. Yes, it’s winter and tempting to slip into the hot tub without showering. However, lotion and soap residues left on the skin can negatively impact water balance.

Even if you don’t feel like it, rinse off in the shower; that extra minute will do a lot of good. You’ll be able to enjoy your winter wonderland! (Tip: When laundering your swimsuit, try using less laundry detergent followed by a thorough rinse. This also prevents soap residue from seeping into your spa water.)

3. Drain and refill at the right time

Draining a hot tub can be a challenge in the cold winter months. Depending on your water care system, you might be able to wait longer between draining your hot tub. If you do find your tub needs a drain and refill, save it for a day when temperatures are above freezing for several hours after you perform the task.

Here are the basics of draining a spa:

  • Use a shop vac to vacuum out all openings and orifices. This removes any remaining water that’s trapped inside.
  • Dry the shell thoroughly with a soft towel.
  • Replace the main drain cap.

If your Hot Tub has the FreshWater® Salt System, your hot tub water can stay clean and fresh for up to a full year*.

*Factors such as bather load and water chemistry can impact water life. When the spa is properly maintained, a three-pack of cartridges with the FreshWater Salt System will keep the water clean and fresh for a full year. Not available in Canada.

Hot Tub Winter Maintenance Tips

Basic maintenance is an important component of winterizing if you want to enjoy your spa in your winter wonderland. Next, here are a few things to keep in mind.

1. Replace worn or damaged hot tub covers

When you’re winterizing your Caldera Spas hot tub, take care of the cover, too. This does a lot more than keep dirt and debris from getting into the water when you’re not using it.

Hot tub covers are custom fitted and filled with high-density insulation, designed to form a tight seal and keep heat from escaping. When the seal and insulation are working as they should, the water maintains its temperature longer and helps you conserve energy.

Replacing a damaged cover keeps your energy costs low and your hot tub from overworking.

2. Keep snow and ice out of your winterized spa

While replacing a worn cover can improve a spa’s insulation and keep costs down, there are a few additional things you can do to ensure you keep snow and ice out of your spa. This keeps your spa protected all winter long.

  • Close the cover and fasten the tie-downs.
  • Cover the spa cover with plywood. This evenly distributes the weight of any snow and ice.
  • Then, secure a plastic sheet or tarp over the top.

3. Monitor the temperature

Set a reminder to check the water temperature daily. This helps you know that things are working properly.

4. Monitor the water level

The water in your hot tub evaporates much more quickly during cold, dry weather. Keep an eye on the water level and make sure it doesn’t fall below the skimmer level. If this happens, the water can’t circulate and won’t be heated.

Final Thoughts

Take these steps to keep your hot tub in good working order all winter long and you soaking in a winter wonderland. If you need help, we have an expert service department that can help you!