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Why Renovate Your Pool

Ready to renovate? Does your pool need new steps, a new liner, a new concrete deck, or an added feature? Is it outdated and in need of an upgrade? Do you want to get rid of your deep end so it’s easier to hang out with friends and family?

Like anything in life, parts of your pool wear out over time. To avoid major and costly damage, you want to attend to regular maintenance. While you’re doing that, consider renovation, too.

Check out this article for more info on why you should renovate your pool.

If your pool is getting old or it feels outdated, it’s the perfect time to upgrade it, and we can help. (more…)

Tips for Above Ground Pool Safety

Some people think above ground pools are safer than inground pools because they’re higher off the ground, and small children have a difficult time getting into them.

While this may true, and above ground pools are generally not as deep, it is still water, and safety is still a concern. Did you know that children can drown in less than two inches of water?

To help you keep family and friends safe this swim season, let’s look at some tips for above ground pool safety. (more…)