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Why Renovate Your Pool

Ready to renovate? Does your pool need new steps, a new liner, a new concrete deck, or an added feature? Is it outdated and in need of an upgrade? Do you want to get rid of your deep end so it’s easier to hang out with friends and family?

Like anything in life, parts of your pool wear out over time. To avoid major and costly damage, you want to attend to regular maintenance. While you’re doing that, consider renovation, too.

Check out this article for more info on why you should renovate your pool.

If your pool is getting old or it feels outdated, it’s the perfect time to upgrade it, and we can help.

#1: You Have Lighter Maintenance

If your pool has any outdated systems, you may discover they don’t work like they used to. You may be spending more time taking care of them. So, when you upgrade your pool systems, you have a more efficient system, and you spend less time maintaining your pool.

What’s more, you save money. With more efficient equipment, you have a small investment. But it will turn out to save you money because these systems work better.

#2: It’s Safer

If your pool systems are outdated, they can be a safety risk.

When you remodel your pool, you can have a safety inspection that looks at the structure of your swimming pool, filtration system, and drain cover. If anything needs to be fixed or replaced, that makes your pool safer.

#3: Your Pool Looks Better

A restoration or remodel can give your pool a completely new look. For example, you may have built your pool when your kids were young. You wanted an area for play with all the features designed for a family. Now, you are an empty nester, and you want new elements, such as a water feature.

We can design your pool to fit your aesthetic vision best.

This may be any of the following:

  • We can add custom lighting or water features.
  • Worn-out tiles and decking can be resurfaced to completely refresh your pool and give it an updated look.
  • If you can imagine it, we’ll see if it can be done.

Latham Axiom 14 Fiberglass Pool Lifestyle (4)

#4: You Want a New Finish

Is your tile cracking? Can you use your pool? If not, we can install a new finish. There are many new finishes today, and some of them weren’t available when you first built your pool. We can help you with a more aesthetically pleasing finish.

#5: You Want a Pool That Suits Your Taste

Perhaps you bought your home with a pool. And perhaps you don’t like the design of your pool.

Not all people have the same design style. So, if this is the case, we can help you remodel your pool, so it suits your taste.

And the same is true if you don’t have the same style you did when you built your pool 20 years ago.

We can help you renovate your pool.

Final Thoughts on Why to Renovate Your Pool

We look forward to talking to you about your remodel or pool restoration. Ultra Modern Pool and Patios is your family-owned, locally based team, who are experts in the pool remodel (and pool build) arena.

We’ll provide you with excellent customer service in the greater Wichita area. Contact us today to renovate your pool!

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