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Backyard Blogging.

Tips for Above Ground Pool Safety

Some people think above ground pools are safer than inground pools because they’re higher off the ground, and small children have a difficult time getting into them.

While this may true, and above ground pools are generally not as deep, it is still water, and safety is still a concern. Did you know that children can drown in less than two inches of water?

To help you keep family and friends safe this swim season, let’s look at some tips for above ground pool safety.doughboy

Keep Your Above Ground Pool Safe

There are many things you can do to keep children (and pets) safe around your above ground pool.

  1. Install fencing around the pool. Some states even require it.
  2. Use only safety type ladders with a locking gate or ladder.
  3. If there is a deck around the pool or to it, use self-closing, self-latching gates.
  4. If you have doors leading to pool decks, add a door alarm.
  5. Teach babies and young children to swim.
  6. Always talk about pool safety when going outside.

Small Doesn’t Mean Safer

While generally speaking there are more inground pool accidents than above ground pool ones, water is water.

We already mentioned it takes very little water for a child to drown. What’s more, small children, even if they know how to swim can get tired before someone comes.

What does this mean for your above ground pool safety? It means an adult should always be watching children of all ages when they’re in the backyard or in the swimming pool.

What’s more, don’t forget about safety during the winter. Small children can become trapped under a pool cover, so make sure you are using a safety cover.

Here are some final tips:

  • Keep chairs and tables away from the pool. You don’t want kids to use these to climb up into the pool.
  • Lock all doors outside.
  • Teach your kids and their friends they may never use the pool alone.

Final Thoughts

When you have an above ground pool in your backyard, remember to take safety precautions with your own children. You also want to consider neighbor kids and pets as well. Children may try to sneak into your pool when you’re not there.

If you’ve taken the precautions mentioned above and added a locking gate on your fence, you are taking care of safety very well!

Follow this tips for a safe swimming season and years of backyard memories!