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Backyard Blogging.

39 Reasons You Need an Above Ground Pool

We think everyone should have a swimming pool in their backyard to enjoy! With our Doughboy and Intex pools now in-stock, we’ve put together a list of 39 reasons you need an above ground pool!

39 Reasons You Need an Above Ground Pool

  1. Your kids learn to swim at an early age! You’ll feel safer with your kids around water whether it’s at home or at the lake because they know how to swim.
  2. You’ll make lifelong memories in your backyard.
  3. Your kids will bring their friends over, and you’ll become “the” house for fun. This lets you interact with your kids friends and keep a watchful eye on everyone.
  4. You have an endless vacation. Who needs to travel all the time when you have a permanent vacation spot right in your own backyard!
  5. Your pool strengthens your family relationships. Everyone can come together, hang out, laugh, play, and simple relax in your above ground pool.
  6. You always have a ready gift because it’s always fun to buy new pool tools for your kids!
  7. It’s healthy, active fun. When your kiddos are in the pool, their phones and tablets are in the house. Everyone is playing like the old days.
  8. You can create your own theme park in the backyard with new toys, games, floats, and slides.
  9. An above ground pool is a great place for the grandparents. Plus, if they don’t know how to swim, you can teach them.
  10. It’s a great place to relax. Jump on your pool float, grab and drink, and your favorite drink. Soak the summer away.
  11. An above ground pool is the best family present you can buy. Why? Everyone will enjoy it at one time or another or many!
  12. It’s a great tanning spot. Always wear sunscreen, though!
  13. An above ground pool is the best place to de-stress and forget your cares because you’re outside, floating in the water.
  14. Nighttime swims are fun (and romantic).
  15. Early morning swims are rejuvenating.
  16. You can buy extra bathing suits.
  17. With your above ground pool, you can exercise more. Swim laps, run in place, or do water aerobics. Your health matters!
  18. Swimming is the best exercise for people of all ages. Older adults really love it because it’s easy on joints.
  19. You’ll sleep better. Water always helps with this! Plus, your kids will sleep better every night because they’re so tired out from swimming all day.
  20. It’s great for sore joints and people with arthritis.
  21. You’ll improve your cardio in the pool.
  22. Having a pool gets you off the sofa and keeps you off your phone, too.
  23. It’s better than watching television all night.
  24. Pools help your children build confidence. Just watch them once they can float!
  25. A pool keeps you super cool in the hot summer months in Kansas.
  26. It’s convenient. You don’t have to drive to a pool and cart all that gear and snacks. Just walk outside!
  27. You always know where your kids are and who they are with.
  28. You don’t have to mow as much grass in your backyard!
  29. The pool is yours, so you don’t have to make a reservation to use it.
  30. You can have a girls night out by the pool.
  31. Or, you can spend a romantic evening with your partner once the kids are in bed.
  32. You can wear whatever you want to swim.
  33. An above ground pool is a great place to watch the stars.
  34. It adds ambiance to your backyard.
  35. You always have a place to entertain guests of all ages.
  36. Intex above ground pools are affordable, so you can bring a pool home.
  37. Financing is often available.
  38. Pools are less expensive than taking the family on vacation.
  39. It is a beautiful focal point in your backyard.

Ready to take the plunge now that you know the 39 reasons you need an above ground pool? Contact us today!

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