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How to Have a Game Day Party

Are you wondering how to have a game-day party? If you’re having people over to watch the football game, take it outside! This is a must-read as you plan your party!

If you’re like us, you’re excited for the Kansas City Chiefs, who just have one more game to qualify for another Super Bowl! That is certainly something worth celebrating. So, you might invite friends over and have some delicious food cooked on your grill. Even though it’s almost February, the weather is supposed to be beautiful on Sunday, so why not head outside?

Watch the Game from the Hot Tub

When you invite friends and family over, tell them to bring a swimsuit and a towel. Those who want, can view the game from your hot tub, while the other guests can sit around outside on your comfy outdoor furniture. Add a fire pit, and you’re set!

Now, if you don’t have an outdoor television set up, you can bring your own TV outdoors so everyone can view the big screen.

This will be like not football party you’ve ever had before. You’re outside enjoying the fresh air, in your hot tub, with friends and family, and with a fire pit or heaters scattered around in case someone gets chilly. You might also consider setting out some blankets just in case.

Fire up your grill, and keep the food coming. Add some drinks and desserts, and you’re all set.

There really is nothing better than watching the game from the warmth of the hot tub with massaging jets melting away the tension.

Hot Tub Tips for Game Day

Before game day you want to check your hot tub supplies. Make sure you have checked your water and added any needed chemicals for clean, clear water.

During the game, you want to check your water chemistry. If you have high bather loads, keep your water balanced and sanitizer levels up. Keep your water around 102 degrees as most people will be comfortable at that temperature. Don’t forget to watch the water level, too.

Clean your filters before game day. You definitely want clean filters before you start watching the game.

Final Thoughts on Game Day

You want to make sure you also have some extra towels on hand for those who forgot theirs or may need an extra. Keep the food and drinks flowing, and this will be one game day party your guests remembers for  along time.

If you don’t have a hot tub, outdoor grill, patio furniture, fire pit, or heater, please stop by and see us. We can help you outfit your outdoor space so everyone will love it!

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