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Here’s Why a Big Green Egg is a Great Gift

If someone tells you they want a grill for Christmas, take it up a notch and get them the Ultimate Cooking Experience.

The Big Green Egg is so much more than a traditional propane grill or round charcoal cooker. It’s also more than fire, food, and flipping. It’s full bodied flavor that exceeds expectations every time.

Here’s why a Big Green Egg is a great gift for the holidays.

It’s Highly Versatile

The Big Green Egg is flexible and versatile. Not only can you cook on it like a grill and smoker, but it’s also an oven.  You can sear steaks and porkchops, cook up some stew, grill veggies, smoke pork, and bake an apple pie, pizza, or loaf of bread with ease.

Want to cook low and slow? You can do that, too. You’ll love the resulting brisket!

What’s more, the Big Green Egg is easy to adjust because the dampers help you set and maintain the temperature within a few degrees. The Big Green Egg is a powerhouse, and you’ll be a grill master in no time.

It’s Crafted with Care

Big Green Egg makes each one of their grills from a durable ceramic. It holds heat and moisture like no other grill. The Egg is efficient at every turn.

You’ll also find it’s easy to clean and safer to use because the outside doesn’t get as hot as a metal grill.

The Big Green Egg is there for you when you want it because it’s ready to use in just about 10 minutes. Because its design pulls air through the lower draft door, you have the most efficient burn ever.

Final Thoughts

The Big Green Egg is the perfect holiday gift for your loved one. With seven sizes to choose from, we’ve got a size for your needs and your budget! Stop by one of our three locations today!

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