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Ultra Vac

Doughboy’s Ultra Vac flow and performance has been engineered for ease of use and cleaning effectiveness. It is aggressive in its mission to seek out and vacuum up debris on the pool bottom and sidewall.

– Durable footpad provides traction for efficient pool movement
– 10 each, 3′ white vacuum hoses permits superior pool coverage
– Five hose weights allows for easy access to deep swimming areas
– Buoyancy ring keeps the vacuum at proper angle for precise vacuuming
– Custom rub-bar provides additional balance for the pool vacuum in deep water. Reduces the chance of vacuum getting tangled or blocked on most pool ladders or stairs
– Automatic flow control valve offers flow control to match pump flow rate, ensuring superior cleaning
– Universal skimmer fitting allows the Ultra Vac to adapt to most skimmer configurations
– Custom swivel with Delrin Washer effectively reduces friction to keep the Ultra Vac from tipping over
– Twin drive tubes provides kinetic energy for total mobility
– Bumper strap helps turn for random pattern cleaning coverage
– Vacuum seal made from pleated polyurethane for maximum flexibility
– Easy installation. The Ultra Vac can be installed in minutes without tools

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