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NatureKast Weatherproof Cabinetry

Perfecting the Art of Outdoor Living.

The name NatureKast is synonymous with beautiful outdoor kitchens and we are serious about maintaining that legacy. We are proud to introduce NatureKast’s weatherproof cabinets. Pictured here is the latest Contempo doorstyle in TeakKast Russet Mocha with matte black trim finish, one of our many alluring finishes and enticing door styles.

Discover the rich look of real wood outdoor cabinets without the constant maintenance. NatureKast has revolutionized the outdoor kitchen industry by offering the first 100% weatherproof cabinet using a technologically advanced hi-density resin system that perfectly replicates the natural colour and texture of real wood.

Enjoy unlimited design options for your outdoor kitchen area along with the widest range of outdoor TV cabinets, decorative molded elements and full-access appliance cabinets.

Why Choose NatureKast?

Luxurious wood finish that thrives outdoors – Imagine… wood that won’t warp, fade or crack

Extensive product range – If we haven’t thought of it, we’re probably working on it

Award-winning & installer friendly – Use your basic tools-of-the trade to install

NatureKast - How It's Made

Why PVC?

Polyvinyl Chloride, or PVC, is a man-made polymer that has seen use in a multitude of applications from food to medicine, indoor to outdoors. In the cabinet industry, it’s a groundbreaking method of weatherproof construction. PVC is a robust yet light-weight plastic with excellent properties for use outdoors and with cooking appliances.

NatureKast’s cabinets and drawer boxes are built from 100% waterproof PVC which is assembled using a weld-like bonding process that creates the strongest cabinet box on the market. As shown, we offer white or black PVC cabinetry that is light weight and easy to clean by simply spraying it with a hose and wiping it dry. The combination of durability and esthetic beauty makes NatureKast one of the best values in the outdoor living market.

What is Resin?

Resin is another type of polymer that NatureKast employs in the creation of their cabinetry. Think of it like a light-weight foam that’s injected into a die, pressed down with considerable force, compressing the cell-like structure of the foam into something very dense and very strong. The combination of Resin with PVC provides stellar results against the elements.

NatureKast can also style the inside of the die to look like real wood and, once finished, have a beautiful, realistic product as shown to the right. All NatureKast doors, drawer fronts, panels and planks are all created from molds cast from real distressed Cypress wood to give an amazing natural grain detail.

NatureKast Door Styles

NatureKast Outdoor Cabinetry is available in 4 Door styles, 3 Finish techniques, and 15 or more finishes for each style!

Door Styles

NatureKast offers 5 different styles of door and drawer finishes including a Slab Door, Shaker Door, Louver Door, Contempo Door and Euro Door.

Finish Techniques

NatureKast Outdoor Cabinetry is available in 4 distinctive finish categories to cater to the wide tastes in home decor, namely Painted, Weathered, Stain & Glaze, or Euro Finish.

Finish Colors

NatureKast Outdoor Cabinets are available in a variety of finishes to make you new kitchen accentuate any outdoor living area. Please select a Style Collection below to see available finishes for each style.