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The Opal fiberglass pool is one of our most popular models. Many people have chosen the Opal because of its kidney shaped design and versatile features that fit into a smaller pool. Precious Opal is a mesmerizing, natural gem which can be found in the Australian Outback. The ancient inland sea, known as the Australian Outback, is home to over 90% of the world’s Opal. A variety of Opals unique to Australia can be found here as Opal fields stretch out over areas as large as the whole of Europe. Make your Opal a quaint place to enjoy with a select few.

We have one size available in the Opal line and like all Barrier Reef pools the Opal comes in one of six different color options.

– Seating ledge
– Generous entry steps in a textured finish
– Safety ledge around the perimeter of the pool


Length    Width      Shallow      Deep
21′2″         11’4″           3’8″            5′

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