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Sydney Harbour

The Sydney Harbour fiberglass pool is one of our newest models. Many people have chosen the Sydney Harbour because of its rectangular design with an integrated spa. This pool model offers many great features. The Sydney Harbour in Sydney Australia is one of the most visited sites in the world. Take a dip in your own Sydney Harbour and experience the Australian lifestyle.

We have two models available in the Sydney Harbour line which includes the 40 and 35 foot versions. Like all Barrier Reef fiberglass pools the Sydney Harbour comes in one of seven different color options.

– Integrated spa
– Lounging ledge and sundeck
– Generous swim lane
– Safety ledge around the perimeter of the pool


Length    Width      Shallow      Deep
35′              16′            3’6″            6’1″
40′              16′            3’6″            6’6″

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