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The InfraLogic 2 S-Series Infrared Controls keep you in control regardless of where you are.

The InfraLogic 2 is North America’s first infrared sauna control with true worldwide mobile functionality. Operate your sauna from anywhere!

In addition to the mobile app with functionality from anywhere there is cell or data service, the IfraLogic 2 has a modern design and is simple to use. The glass touch screen provides a modern and extremely flexible option for the modern sauna owner.

InfraLogic2 Control Specifications

–  With the included mobile app, your smartphone becomes a second control
–  Dimensions: 3 3/8” W x 5 1/2” H x 1/4” D
–  Glass touch screen
–  Intuitive display (time/temp/lighting/system status)
–  60-minute timer
–  Calendar programming
–  Built-in RGBW LED light control with dimmer
–  Built-in Bluetooth button for controlling the audio system
–  Separate on/off buttons for floor heat, bench skirt heat and in-bench heat
–  OTA technology is standard (free upgrades “Over the Air”)
–  Matches with the S-Series Infrared Saunas

Product Specs:

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