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The Marvelous

The Marvelous pool offers full end-to-end swimming in three available lengths. It has a full-length bench that runs parallel to the swim channel allowing friends and family plenty of space to sit or enter the pool from. The gentle slope allows for a number of family games in the shallow end.


– Features a wide bench seat running the entire length of the pool
– Large, unobstructed swimming corridor, ideal for playing games or swimming laps
– Well-positioned entry and exit steps lead down to the pool floor
– Sleek, modern design allows for unlimited landscaping possibilities
– Safety ledge surrounding perimeter of pool


Length    Width      Shallow      Deep
40′            15’6″           4’1″           6’6″
35′            15’6″           4’1″            6’2″
35′            15’6″           4’1″           5’10”

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