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The Dream Spa Square

Family. Friends. Fun. Fitness. Quality. Imagine having everything you ever dreamed of, right in your backyard. That’s the beauty of Imagine Pools™. And it can go from a glimmer in your mind’s eye… to shimmering in the sun… in a very short time.


– Enjoy having soothing warm water massage your body
– Spa owners enjoy the opportunity to reduce stress and anxiety through daily usage
– Use prior to bedtime could relax your nerves and muscles allowing for a better and easier sleep
– Square design is complimentary to the classic swimming pool models or can be utilized as a stand alone spa with multiple jets
– Spillover design is available so that you can elevate the spa above the pool turning it into a water feature


Length    Width      Depth
7′5″            7’5″           3’2″

Imagine Pools Imagine Pools Spas Sundecks Models:

The Dream Spa Round

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The Mystique Spa

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The Lagoon Tanning Ledge

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