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J-145 7 Person Hot Tub

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Spacious enough to comfortably fit up to seven guests, this spa will act as the entertainment center of your backyard. Jacuzzi® is proud to introduce the Jacuzzi J-145 7 Person Hot Tub, which offers a relaxing experience for up to seven adults. Luxurious, yet affordable, the Jacuzzi J-145 7 Person Hot Tub model boasts Classic Jets that provide a powerful massage, including four Rotational Jets as well as being the only Hot Tub in the J-100™ Collection to feature a jetted foot dome.

Jacuzzi J-145 7 Person Hot Tub

The open seating arrangement makes it ideal for social gatherings. Two powerful jet pumps provide all the power needed to keep all of your friends happy. The Jacuzzi J-145 7 Person Hot Tub is also available in a multitude of textures and finishes, in either the Jacuzzi TriFusion System acrylic shell or the new ProEndure UV resistant cabinetry.

Stainless steel jet face plates come standard on this fully featured spa. Enjoy lots of time together with loved ones, while relaxing and enjoying your J-145 hot tub.

Product Specs:

Seating Capacity:

7 Adults


84 in x 84 in x 36 in / 214 cm x 214 cm x 92 cm

Average Spa Volume:

360 US gallons / 1,363 liters

Dry Weight:

827 lbs. / 375 kg

Total Filled Weight:

4,747 lbs. / 2,153 kg

Pump 1:

North America 2 speed, 2.5 continuous hp (4.5 brake hp) / International 2 speed, 2.0 continuous hp (2.6 brake hp)

Pump 2:

North America 1 speed, 2.5 continuous hp (4.8 brake hp) / International 1 speed, 2.0 continuous hp (3.0 brake hp)

Circulation Pump:


Diverter Valves:

Classic Filtration


1-50 sq ft filter (Hydro)

Electrical North America:

240 VAC 60 Hz 40A, 50A or 60A

Electrical International:

230 VAC 50 Hz 20A, 30A or 40A

Total Jets:


Classic Rotational:


Classic Luxury:


Classic Mini:


Classic Euro:


Classic Direct:


Classic Turbo:


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