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The Latham Monaco is the essence of enjoyment, as a Type 1 Diving Pool it is generous in size and elegant in design. It removes all the unnecessary elements and focuses on only what needs to be there, generous in size and elegant in design.

All Latham fiberglass pools are made from a fiberglass laminate construction using reinforced ribbing, carbon fiber and biaxal reinforcements as well as ceramic infused polyester combined with pure vinyl ester fiberglass. Latham covers all its fiberglass pools with a structural and surface lifetime warranty.

The Monaco comes in one size. Like all Latham fiberglass pools the Monaco comes in one of 12 different Crystite Colors.

– Type 1 Diving Pool
– 8′ Deep End
– Slip resistant entry steps
– Autocover Ready


Length    Width      Shallow      Deep
40′              16′            3’6″             8′

Product Specs:

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