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Genesis Tanning Ledge

The Genesis Tanning Ledge is a standalone structure and can be added to any type of inground pool, including fiberglass and vinyl liner pools.

All Latham fiberglass pools are made from a fiberglass laminate construction using reinforced ribbing, carbon fiber and biaxal reinforcements as well as ceramic infused polyester combined with pure vinyl ester fiberglass. Latham covers all its fiberglass pools with a structural and surface lifetime warranty.

The Genesis Tanning Ledge comes in one size. Like all Latham fiberglass pools the Genesis Tanning Ledge  comes in one of 12 different Crystite Colors.

– 10″ tanning ledge depth
– Single step into sundeck
– Customize with jet and bubblers


Length    Width      Depth
16’5″          9’4″           10″

Product Specs:

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