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Stainless Steel Niches

For Swimming Pools and Spas

Large and small stainless-steel niches are formed with brass fittings. All niches have internal and external grounding lugs for use with either metal or PVC conduits.

  • Niches for all installations
  • Stainless steel housing
  • Brass hub: 1/20.5, 3/40.75, or 1 in.
  • Internal/external bonding lugs
  • Vinyl niches with chrome/brass sealing rings
  • Sandwich gasket for vinyl
  • Optional pPowder- coated sealing ring (optional)

NOTICE: Underwriters Laboratories has listed Pentair Pool Products lights for use with Pentair Pool Products, American Products, Purex or PacFab niches only. To ensure proper grounding/bonding connections, install only Pentair Pool Products lights in Pentair Pool Products, American Products, Purex or PacFab niches.

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