Steak Gauge with Glow in the Dark Dial


Glow in the dark dial face and pointer. Set of 4. Four different dial faces for personalized grilling. Gauge indicates: Rare, Medium, or Well. Premium grade stainless steel. Dial size: Diameter 0.8″. Dishwasher safe.

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1. Clean the thermometer with a damp cloth before.

2.Insert the stainless steel probe (at least 1.5 inches)into the steak away from bone to get an accurate reading of internal temperature.

3.For accurate temperature reading, wait until the pointer stops moving on dial approximately 5~10 seconds.

4.Clean the thermometer with a damp cloth or wash in dishwasher after use.


Wear BBQ or oven gloves when inserting or removing the thermometer from the steak. DO NOT insert the thermometer into the steak while it is being grilled on the grill. DO NOT use the thermometer over operating temperature range.

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