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The Perfect Light for Wading Pools and Shallow Areas

The high-intensity, low-voltage HiLite light disperses a soft, even illumination that is perfect for shallow pool areas, beach entries and steps. HiLite is also the first UL Listed light for installation in as little as four inches deep below the water’s surface.


  • All plastic housing and lens
  • Easy placement and installation
  • Perfect for lights on opposite pool ends
  • High-intensity halogen quartz
  • Quarter-twist bulb access
  • Molded clip for cord storage retention
  • Fits on any vertical wall
  • Even light distribution
  • 12V, 75W
  • Simple 2-wire connection


Note: All cord lengths over 50 ft. on 12-V lights create resistance that dramatically reduces the light output. This condition exists on all low-voltage lights regardless of design or manufacturer.

Note: Underwriters Laboratories has listed Pentair Pool Products lights for use with Pentair Pool Products, American Products, Purex or PacFab niches only. To ensure proper grounding/bonding connections, install only Pentair Pool Products lights in Pentair Pool Products or American Products niches.

Product Specs:

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