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6 Tips for Grilling Outside in Winter

Ready for grilling outside? Wait, it’s winter….

So, the weather has been admittedly awful this last week, and it’s been so cold, many of us haven’t wanted to venture outside. Yet, as we move back into more seasonable, normal winter temperatures, we can head back outside comfortably.

In this article, we look at six tips for grilling outside in winter.When it comes to your Big Green Egg, you can definitely grill outside during the winter. Why? Because the Egg is used with the lid down, and is a champ at maintaining its internal temperature. Let’s look at our six tips.

#1: Plan Ahead

It may take a little longer to heat up your Big Green Egg during the winter. Allow about 10-15 minutes extra for your EGG to warm up. This is dependent on the outdoor temps, of course.

Use firestarters in the winter to allow your EGG to get to temperature gradually. When using the convEGGtor and pizza stones, heat them in your oven to about 200 degrees. then use heat proof gloves to put them in your preheated EGG once it hits 200 degrees.

Cook as normal after your EGG is heated. Let it cool completely before you close the vents and your cover.

#2: Do Your Prep Inside

When grilling outside in winter, do your preparation indoors. Store your EGGcessories (think baking stones, convEGGtor, etc) indoors in the winter so they don’t crack. You can also do your prep indoors such as cutting meat and vegetables. There’s no need to freeze outside while you do this.

#3: Dress for the Weather

This is pretty obvious, but some people may forget to throw on extra clothes. Do leave the scarf inside, though. You don’t want to catch it on fire while you’re grilling. And, please still wear your heat protective gloves. Regular gloves won’t do as you may burn yourself.

#4: Use Your Meat Thermometer

This is a must weather you’re grilling in the winter or the summer.

We do think it’s especially important in the winter, though. Why? Your food may not cook as quickly as usual, so you want to make sure  your meat is full cooked before you take it off your Big Green Egg.

#5: Use a Grill Light

Since it will probably be dark when you’re grilling at night during the winter, either get a grill light or install some better lighting on your patio.

You can also consider a headlamp because it’s hands-free and allows you to really focus on what you’re doing.

#6: Seek Shelter

Put your grill in a sheltered area. This is good for the EGG and for you! If you don’t have access to a sheltered grilling area, you can bring out your patio umbrella. Set it up to protect you from snow, rain, and wind.

This is a great way to shield your grill and yourself from the weather. Finally, you also want to use your grill cover and keep it covered when not in use. This keeps ice and snow from building up on your EGG.

Final Thoughts

We are year-round grillers, and you can make grilling outside part of your life, too! Don’t have a Big Green Egg? Contact us today or drop by one of our locations!

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