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In Case of Power Failure and Your Spa

It’s winter, and that means freezing ice and rain are on their way at one time or another.

There are some things you can do in case of power failure to protect your spa.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What brand is it?
  • Is it fully insulated?
  • What temperature is the water?
  • What does your owners’ manual say?
  • Does the spa have a blower with air channels?

Jacuzzi and Hot Springs Spas

If your spa is Jacuzzi or a Hot Springs and fully insulated, and if your water temperature is 80 degrees or above, it will be fine for three or four days.

Do take the following steps:

  1. We recommend you insulate your spa by placing insulation or a heavy blanket in the equipment compartment by the door. Stop by for an insulating blankets for spas (#ACCWINT) – approximately $50.00.
  2. Check the water and outside air temperature daily. If the water temperature or wind-chill factor drops to the teens or lower than “0”, you may want to drain and winterize your spa.
  3. Be sure to keep the cover closed. If the water temperature drops to 50 or 60 degrees or your spa is not insulated and the electricity will be off more than a day and the outside temperature in in the teens or lower, then you should drain the spa and equipment.

How to Drain a Hot Spring, Tiger River or Jacuzzi Spa

Disconnect the spa from the power supply by the appropriate method:

  • 115 volt models: Disconnect the power cord from the house receptacle, coil it and place it in the equipment compartment.
  • 230 volt models: Trip both of the GFIC breakers located in the subpanel.

Locate the main drain valve and remove the drain cap. Attach the garden hose to the drain valve and route the outlet of the hose to an appropriate draining area.

Open the valve and the spa will drain by gravitational flow.

Hot Springs:
Remove the threaded cap from the secondary drain. The remaining water (about one gallon) will drain from the bleed line system.


Locate the drain plugs in front of the pumps. Remove these plugs to allow the water to drain out of the pumps and heater.

Approximately one to two gallons will be released during the procedure. Loosen hose clamp at the bottom of the heater behind the control box and pull hose off of heater fitting (twist the hose back and forth while pulling downward).

Tip the hose down and allow to drain.

On all spas, anywhere that there is a hose, disconnect it or a coupler, unscrew it to open the line to drain.

Remove the filter cartridges. If electricity or generator is available, to completely drain internal plumbing, a wet/dry shop vac should be used to draw any remaining water through the drain and through each jet opening.

IMPORTANT: Remove any residual water from inside the sp and the recessed part of the filter compartments and Motor-Massage. Wipe all surfaces dry.

Close the cover. If your spa has a vinyl cover, cover it with a large board to more evenly distribute the weight of snow and ice.

Replace door on equipment compartment.

Open the equipment compartment and takes clamps off all hoses, remove all couplers to the heaters and pumps. Remove any drain plugs. Put any valves in open position.

Spas with Blowers:

Take special procedures in winterizing the air channels including disconnecting the heater. Follow your owner’s manual or call a professional spa repair company.



Always follow label directions and manufacturer’s instructions for each product used. Conditions may vary from spa to spa. Ultra Modern Pool & Patio does not assume any responsibility or liability for the results that may be obtained through utilization of this or any other program, procedure or product.

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