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How and When Do I Deep Clean My Hot Tub?

Thinking about getting your hot tub ready for fall? Have you wondered how and when do I deep clean my hot tub? Get your answers here!

At Ultra Modern, we recommend you deep clean your spa at least once every six months and always on an annual basis as well.

Use an appropriate cleaner to remove organic deposits. You don’t want these building up on your hot tub’s plumbing lines and equipment.

Here are some instructions for deep cleaning your spa several times per year.

Deep Clean Your Spa

  1. Drain the water in your spa.
  2. Use your spa vac to remove any grit and sand from the tub.
  3. Using the garden hose nozzle, spray into each of the jets to remove any silted old water.
  4. Use a mild non-abrasive, non-sudsing cleaner and a soft rag to clean the whole spa.
  5. Re-fill the tub.

If you’d like our help with hot tub maintenance, please contact our expert service department. We are here for you!

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