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Freshen Up for Fall

It’s time to freshen up for fall! You’ve been cooking all summer, and it’s time to deep clean your grill! This is the best way to keep your grill running well.  

It’s time to clean your grill before the best in fall grilling hits!

You want to make sure your Traeger grill is clean and free of built-up debris and grease. This helps keep your food tasting terrific with wood-fired flavor.

We do recommend regular cleaning and maintenance, and early fall is the perfect time.

What to Have on Hand

  • Wooden Grill Grate Scrape
  • Traeger All-Natural Grease Cleaner
  • Drip Tray Liners
  • Bucket Liners
  • Shop Vac
  • Paper Towels
  • Bottle Brush
  • Disposable Gloves

Here are Your Steps

  • Spray grates with the Traeger All Natural Grease Cleaner
  • Spray inside of chimney
  • Remove and clean grates with the Wooden Grill Grate Scrape
  • Remove drip tray liner
  • Remove drip tray
  • Remove heat baffle
  • Vacuum inside of grill
  • Scrub inside of chimney with a bottle brush
  • Spray walls with the All Natural Grease Cleaner
  • Let soak, and wipe down with paper towels
  • Reinsert heat baffle
  • Reinsert drip tray
  • Insert new drip tray liner
  • Insert new bucket liner
  • Reinsert grates

Need help or suggestions as you fresh up for fall? Stop by one of our three locations or contact us below!

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