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Heavy Rain Maintenance

It is stormy in Kansas, and we often deal with some soggy situations. Pool water conditions change quickly when the rain is coming down, so it’s important to pay attention to your pool.

Check out our heavy rain maintenance tips to help ensure you are not cleaning up a big mess when the sun comes out.

It’s important to keep the following simple steps in mind during this time:

  1. Have your water tested more frequently by ALEX, our Smart Lab Computerized Water Testing Lab.
  2. Examine your pool daily for structural integrity and seek professional help if you see flaws, especially in above ground pools or if there is water behind an in-ground pool’s liner.
  3. Drain excess water to avoid overflow.
  4. Make sure your pump is running properly and free of debris in the pump basket. Run it 24/7 during inclement weather to keep water and chemicals circulating.
  5. Keep pH and alkalinity balanced on a daily basis to avoid issues.
  6. For chlorine pools, maintain a 1-4 ppm level. For Biguanide pools, maintain a 30-50 ppm of sanitizer and a 40-60 ppm of shock.
  7. Add algaecide at recommended dose to avoid any algae situations. Add an additional maintenance dose after heavy rainfall.
  8. When the weather permits, brush pool walls and floor thoroughly.
  9. Monitor sanitizer level daily so when the sun comes out, the pool is ready to enjoy!

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