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Backyard Blogging.

How to Keep Wildlife Out of Your Pool

You’re enjoying a wonderful summer weekend, or perhaps you’re busy planning a pool party, and the last thing you want is wildlife joining you.

Unfortunately, you might find ducks, rats, snakes, frogs, raccoons, squirrels, birds, and more in your swimming pool. You really don’t want them there, and we bet they really don’t want to be there. While they are super cute, they can not only damage your pool but cause you safety issues.

You certainly don’t want to have to worry about your safety. To help, let’s look at how to keep wildlife out of your pool.

Cover Your Pool When Not in Use

When you add a pool cover, you make it much harder for animals to get into your swimming pool.

So, cover it whenever you aren’t using it. An automatic pool cover is perfect for this purpose because it makes it super easy to open and close up your pool.

Remember this isn’t a guarantee, but it is a deterrent.

You can also create an added barrier with a fence. This again deters some animals but not all.

Don’t Leave Food Outside

This is a big no-no whether you live in the city or the countryside.

There are wild animals everywhere as well as domesticated and feral cats running around. Most of them are hungry, and nearly all of them love your leftover food and drinks.

Pick up after yourself after every swim session, and you’ll fare much better in the wildlife and rodent department.

Get a Big Dog

Dogs can deter wildlife from ever entering your backyard.

While they’re outside sniffing around and barking, you’re more likely to keep wildlife at bay.

Use Motion Sensor Lighting

By adding lights to your backyard and pool area that are triggered when something walks by at night, you can keep nocturnal animals at bay.

This might include skunks, possums, and raccoons who might be scared off by the lights.

Use Motion Sensor Sprinklers

Similar to the lighting, sprinklers are triggered when something walks by.

These can be a great deterrent because they will scare off your intruders.

Add a Fence

By adding a fence around your yard and your pool, you can deter wildlife.
Make sure to take good care of it, especially at the bottom as some animals can sneak under.

Spray a Repellent

There are many natural repellents on the market. Gardeners use these to keep animals away from their plants.

You can also create your own mixing cayenne pepper, water, onions, and jalapeno peppers. Spray this concoction thickly around your pool.

Final Thoughts

You put a lot of thought, time, and money into your backyard retreat. You deserve to enjoy it unencumbered by wildlife.

While many animals will head to your pool, take some of these tips to reduce the numbers. And, please don’t harm any animals trying to keep them away from your pool. If you have a massive problem, contact an animal professional to help!