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Backyard Blogging.

Why You Need a Safety Cover

Now that school is almost back in full swing, homeowners are looking towards fall and with that comes the closing of your swimming pool.

Many pool owners begin to wonder about  covering their pool. In this article, we look at why you need a safety cover for your swimming pool.


The first and foremost reason to install a winter safety cover is safety.

Swimming pools are a magnet for children any time of the year. In addition, when you aren’t there supervising your pool, there’s always the risk that children from the neighborhood, your own children and pets can fall into the pool and drown.

Even if you have a locked gate – which is terrific – determine children and animals may find a way into your backyard.

A safety cover ensures that no one will have access to your swimming pool without your express permission, keeping pets and kids safe.

Safety covers can be walked on safely without fear of drowning.

Pool Protection

The next reason you need a winter safety cover is to protect your pool.

Fall brings falling leaves, and a safety cover keeps leaves and debris out of your pool during the winter. This means your spring opening is much easier. A cover keeps your pool clean so you spend less money on chemicals to fix any problems that occurred over the winter.

You’ll save money in the long fun because you won’t have to do as much to get your pool ready for the next season.

If you’re ready to invest in a winter safety cover, contact us today for pricing!