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Backyard Blogging.

Pick Your Backyard Retreat Based on Your Personal Style

You decorate the inside of your home with your own personal style, right? So, it stands to reason that you’d like to do the same on the outside in your backyard.

Yet, many of us head to the store, pick out a table and chairs and maybe a chaise lounge and call it good. But, did you know there is so much more to creating the perfect “outdoor room?” Whether you just need a table and chairs or a whole room, we can help you pick out the right outdoor living furniture for your style.

In this article, we look at how to pick your backyard retreat based on your personal style. We put together some styles that might match your personality. See if we got it right and then come see us today!

Looking for a More Relaxed Vibe?

If you’re the type of person who appreciates the colors of nature and loves to garden and plant flowers, you might be looking for a more relaxed style outside. If a hideaway, cozy chair or hammock and a great book sound great, look for these things.

Look for natural colors – taupe, brown, and green. Then add in a few pops of color to tie in with your floral landscape.

In addition, consider an outdoor kitchen and cozy conversation nook to relax with friends and family.

How About a More Contemporary Feel?

Is your home sleek and contemporary? Why not have the same in your outdoor space.

From hot tubs to pools to patio furniture, and outdoor kitchens,  you can take your modern style outside.

Think sleek furniture with metal bases. Your colors are usually based in black. Everything modern speaks to you.

In the garden, you like very manicured trees and shrubs to create a more modern look as well as easy rock gardens.

personal style

Seeking a Party Spot Built for Conversation?

You’re a party family, and you entertain a lot. Because of this, you want to make sure you have a large outdoor room with a bar area, fire pit, outdoor kitchen, and lots of tables and lounge chairs.

You like some extra lighting for ambiance and a television when your favorite game comes on. Lighting, music, and outdoor heaters are a must for you because you spend long Kansas autumn evenings outside with friends.

Pick Your Backyard Retreat Based on Your Personal Style

Looking for a Family Friendly Spot?

A pool, a hot tub, water features, play tables, sandboxes, swing sets, and treehouses – this is where your personal style runs. You also like easy to clean patio furniture for sticky hands and popsicles.

Your garden may be a little more haphazard because let’s face it – with kids who has the time!


How About Something for Every Day?

You spend mornings, afternoons, and evenings outside. You head to the backyard any time you can.

Because of this, you might put in a shade feature or pergola over your patio. You might enclose your outdoor kitchen and lounge area on three sides. You need shade because you spend most of your day in the outdoors.

You might even look to an outdoor air conditioning unit so you can use your patio in the heat of the summer. Overall, you’re looking for sophisticated patio furniture that professional and easy to manage!

Final Thoughts on Personal Style

Whether your personal style falls squarely in one of the categories or straddles a few of them, we’ve got just what you need at Ultra Modern. Stop by any of our three locations today!