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Backyard Blogging.

Safe Gates Help Save Lives

Did you know that on average there are 10 accidental drowning deaths per day, and most of those happen right near home?

In this article, in honor of National Water Safety Month, we look at how safe gates help save lives.

A Locked Gate is Vital

One of the best ways to keep unwanted people, children, and pets out of your pool is to have a fence around your swimming pool.

It’s quite important, though, that your fence and your gate are working properly. For example, if your gate doesn’t latch or close safely, people can get into your backyard and fall into your pool.

Consider adding a locking gate to keep people safe. In addition, check along your fence and gate. Is your gate out of alignment? If so, it probably doesn’t latch safely.

Is your fence or even your gate sagging and touching the ground. Again, this can be a problem with safety.

It’s a good idea to regularly inspect your fence and your gate. Test your lock as well to make sure it isn’t easily bypassed.

Supervise Your Children

When children are in your backyard, it’s vital that you supervise them. Set an adult watcher to keep track of the little ones and watch your swimming pool.

If you have small children, you might consider an extra fence. While you may have one around your backyard, think about adding another layer of security around the swimming pool to prevent drowning and accidents.

Monitor your gate regularly to make sure it closes and latches on its own as well.

Once you no longer have small children around your pool, you can consider removing this extra fence and gate

checklist for pool gates

Checklist for Pool Gate Safety

Download and print this checklist for pool gate safety. You can laminate it and hang it in your garage or pool house as a constant reminder to remember to maintain your pool gate.


pool fence

Checklist for Pool Fence Safety

Now that you have your list for your gate, this checklist for your fence is a good reminder of what to look for to keep children and pets safe in and around the pool.


Final Thoughts

Yes! Safe gates help save lives. We’re thankful the Check Your Pool Gate Campaign was started by D&D Technologies in partnership with the NDPA (National Drowning Prevention Alliance). With their leadership, pool companies all across the country encourage pool owners to make sure your pool fences, gates, latches, and hinges are in good working order, secure, and adjusted to work the best they can.

We also encourage all pool owners to check around the swimming pool on a regular basis. Walk around your pool, check your gates and your fences, and ensure that you are maintaining safety in and around your pool at all times.

Checklists from D&D Technologies.