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Seven Reasons to Buy a Traeger

We love Traeger grills, and we know you will, too. Whether you’re buying one for spring and summer grilling, or you purchasing one as a gift for the holidays, you can’t go wrong.

Let’s look at seven reasons to buy a Traeger.

#1: Set It and Forget It

If this is how you want to grill, then Traeger is just right for you! These grills perform their best when you let them cook and smoke for longer periods of time.

You’ll want to add fresh wood pellets in the hopper, so it maintains a steady temperature, but then you can forget about it for a good long while.

#2: Even Grilling

The Traeger grill uses a pellet system, so you consistently have even grilling without troublesome hot spots. Traeger uses a fan that evenly distributes the heat over the whole grilling area.

#3: Smoky Flavor

Most grilling aficionados like the smoky flavor, but not the trouble they have to go through to get it.

Traeger solves this problem by using wood pellets that are made from sawdust. This sawdust is made from various types of food and gives off a terrific smoky flavor. Say goodbye to wood chips and hello to wood pellets.

#4: More Smoky Flavors

With the Trager grill, you can switch smoky flavors, and it’s easy! All you have to do is change out the pellets in your hopper.

You’ll find various flavors including hickory, mesquite, apple, maple, cherry, and oak.

#5:  Temperature Control

You’ll find that temperature control is key when it comes to grilling. While many other grills have temperature gauges, you’ll find they aren’t very precise.

The Traeger pellet grill works more like an oven, providing you a precise temperature setting.

#6: Grilling, Smoking and Baking

If you want to do more than grill and smoke, the Traeger is a great grill. Not only can you cook meats and vegetables, but you can cook up delicious dessert as well as side dishes and drinks.

#7: Low Maintenance

The Trager grill is easy to clean. Because they are designed so efficiently, you’ll note that they are easy to clean. This is also because they have a grease collector, and it’s easy to clean Trager parts.

Since hardwood pellets create very little ash, clean-up is a breeze.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know the seven reasons to buy a Traeger grill, we encourage you to stop by one of our three locations to see this grill in person! It’s easy-to-use and fun to grill on. From cherry pie and molten chocolate cake to pork chops, ribs and smoked bloody mary’s, we know you’ll love your Traeger grill!

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