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The Truth About Saltwater Pools

Is a saltwater pool truly only saltwater? Have you head different stories about saltwater pools? There seems to be a lot of mystery surrounding the saltwater pool.

In this article, we’ll reveal the truth about saltwater pools.

The biggest benefit to salt water pools is that you no longer have to “put” chlorine in your pool. You’re creating a mini-chlorine factory right inside your swimming pool.

What is a Salt Pool?

Some people think a salt pool means the water is simply salt water, and it is like swimming in the ocean. A salt pool isn’t quite the right term.

A more accurate way to refer to this technology is chlorine generation.  Salt (sodium chloride-NaCl) is added to the pool, and as the water passes through the chlorine generator cell an electrical discharge converts the salt into chlorine (hypochlorous acid-HOCl).

This is why you aren’t actually putting chlorine in the pool, but your pool is making it.

Salt Water Pools Aren’t Chlorine-Free

Salt water pools are not chemical-free, or even chlorine-free. Salt water pools provide sanitation with electrolysis. During electrolysis, salty water is forced across a special metal cell which is charged with an electrical current. This process creates chlorine.

This chlorine has an identical chemical structure as purchased chlorine and gives us the same benefits as purchased chlorine.

Whether you have a salt pool, or you’d like to investigate one, it’s important to note there’s more to saltwater pool care than just adding salt. Your chemical maintenance doesn’t have to be difficult, though!

At Ultra Modern, you’ll find SaltScapes™ Saltwater Pool Care Products from BioGuard to make all of your saltwater pool needs easy and simple.This product line is specifically designed to address the exclusive needs of saltwater pools.

Want to learn more? Stop by and ask one of knowledgeable staff members!

If you have a saltwater pool, ask us about SaltScapes™ and simplify your pool care.  Don’t forget, we offer FREE water analysis to our chemical customers!

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