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Why You Should Use an Ozone System

Let’s look at why you should use an Ozone system, and how it upgrades your pool to green status.

Ozone is as natural as oxygen, and it is naturally occurring. Ozone has been around since the beginning of time. In fact, numerous public, commercial, water park and hotel and motel pools have switched to Ozone technologies.

Over the life of you pool, Ozone systems can reduce your on-going operating and maintenance costs.

Harnessing the power of the ozone molecule to sanitize water, killing pathogens and microcontaminants, is great for you and for the environment. The Ozone System destroys 99.99% of all organic and inorganic molecules in your pool. The only thing left is oxygen.

Why should I use an Ozone System?

  • Reduces chlorine use by 60-90%.
  • Ozone is one of nature’s most powerful disinfectant oxidizers and kills up to 99.99% of bacteria, viruses and molds found in pools.
  • Two hundred times more powerful than chlorine and 100% environmentally-friendly – the only by-product of ozone is oxygen!
  • No more irritated eyes and skin.
  • It gives water a better smell, taste and clarity than chlorine alone.
  • Ozone oxidizes and destroys many substances that chlorine can’t effectively eliminate like human fluids, cosmetics and other metallic substances like iron and manganese.
    Recognized as an antimicrobial disinfectant by the EPA and FDA.
  • Ozone is micro-flocculent meaning it helps particles clump so the filter system can remove them.
  • Ozone produces healthy, pure pool water that feels good, looks good and smells good.

Ozone System Costs

The main cost of ozone is the upfront cost for the system. The operating cost is very low and the initial cost is recaptured in a fairly short amount of time because of reduced chemical expenditures.

To Conclude

If you are interested in an Ozone System for your pool, stop by one of our three locations and visit with our expert staff. We’d love to meet you, answer your questions and get you on your way to a “greener” pool!

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