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What’s the Difference Between Closing a Pool and Winterizing It?

Summer is over, and fall is here. This has many people getting ready to close their swimming pools.

Have you ever wondered, though, what’s the difference between closing a pool and winterizing it? We lay it all out for you in this article.

While many use these two terms interchangeably, there really is a difference between closing a pool and winterizing it.

What Does Closing a Pool Mean?

Closing a swimming pool is pretty simple. First, you “turn” your pool off, and you put your cover on it.

You can close your pool at any time: when you go on vacation, at night when you’re done swimming, to save money on electricity, to keep leaves out the pool, or to keep pets safe.

When referring to “closing” your pool, it simply means you aren’t using it at the time, and you are covering it.

Closing your pool without winterizing it means it’s not protected during the freezing temperatures of winter. So, let’s look at winterizing.

What Does Winterizing a Pool Mean?

You winterize your pool at the end of the pool season, and then you cover it.

Winterizing your pool means you aren’t going to use it for several months. You turn the equipment off, remove the water from the lines, and take out any accessories.

For many people, they not only close their swimming pool, but they winterize it in October.

Taking care of your pool this way is protective for your pool because if you only close it for winter, your pipes can freeze. If you drain your pipes and equipment when winterizing, you protect your swimming pool.

What is a Winter Cover?

When you winterize your pool, you generally use a winter safety cover to protect your swimming pool. This is usually a solid or a mesh safety cover. You’ll find either works, but a mesh cover allows water (snow and melting ice) to pass through into the pool water.

A winter cover is great because it can handle heavy snow and wintery weather.

Final Thoughts on Winterizing Your Pool

Now that you know the difference, it’s time to give us a call and get on our pool closing/winterizing list!

Finally, closing a pool by winterizing it is what you want to do before Wichita winter sets in.

If you’re closing a pool yourself, do also remember to lower your pool water level to about one inch beneath the skimmer and balance your water before winterizing your pool. Don’t forget to blow out the lines from your skimmer, too.

Need help or more info on winterizing or closing a pool? Contact us today!

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