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5 Outdoor Decorating Tips for 2022

Wondering how to pull your outdoor room together? Not sure where to start? It starts with these outdoor decorating tips.

When planning your outdoor space, you want to plan your approach. In this article, we look at five outdoor decorating tips for 2022 to create the best and most relaxing backyard.

#1: Follow General Decorating Rules

There are several decorating rules to follow. Just as decorating inside your home, you want to consider these when heading outside.

  • Pick a focal point in your outdoor room, on your patio, or deck. Choosing a focal point helps you decide where to put anything. Your focal point might be a gorgeous sofa, and outdoor kitchen, or a hot tub. One thing to remember is there are no rules – the focal point is your choice.
  • Know what you like. This is where your design style comes in. You can look to your home for some cues. Take your architectural style into consideration. Likewise, you want to complement the outside decor by paying attention to your inside decor.
  • Use all of your space. This means horizontal and vertical space. Leverage the lines of your outdoor room to complement your design.

O.W. Lee Avalon 2021 Dining 2-Mid

#2: Choose the Right Furniture

Now that you’ve decided to decorate your outdoor room, you want to choose the right furniture. And, this doesn’t mean bringing sofas and chairs from inside outside.

With plenty of American-made patio furniture at multiple price points, you’re sure to find something a Ultra Modern that suits your style. Think dining tables, sofas, chairs, end tables, plant stands, fire pits, and more.

#3: Tie It Together

While you can mix styles and brands, you do want to tie it all together.

For example, choose complementary colors and styles. Or you can choose wood and wicker together or metal and sling. Your choices are endless.

When it comes to fabrics, choose ones in the same color way. For example, you can choose blue-toned stripes and blue florals to mix. You can simply tie everything together with fabric.

#4: Accessorize Your Room

Just like inside your room, you want to accessorize your outdoor room.

Consider plants, vases, decorative bowls, wind chimes, pillows and cushions, lighting, statues, pottery vases, and personal items that mean something to you.

Do choose outdoor accessories though that won’t be damaged by the weather. If your outdoor room is enclosed, you do have a little more freedom.

#5: Add Plants

Your room is outdoors, and while your backyard may shine with flowers, you do want to carry that through in your outdoor room.

Think large vases or pots with green plants, and then add a few pots with flowers. You do want to keep the flowers in the same tones as your cushions and pillows to tie everything together.

Finally, consider some plants with fragrance. One of our favorites is the gardenia!

Final Thoughts on Outdoor Decorating

You’ll find everything you need at Ultra Modern from outdoor furniture to accessories. You can even take it another step and add a hot tub, grill, or outdoor kitchen.

We are here to help you with three convenient locations in the Wichita area. Let’s work on outdoor decorating together!