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Backyard Blogging.

5 Reasons You’ll Love an Endless Pool

We love the Endless Pool Fitness System at Ultra Modern. They provide all the traditional benefits of a backyard swimming pool, they take up less space, offer “endless” opportunities for exercise and family time, and in certain models function as a hot tub.

You’ll find so many uses for your Endless Pool, and in this article, we’re going to look at five reasons you’ll love an Endless Pool if exercise is your goal.

#1: It’s Low Impact

The best thing about an Endless Pool is that it provides a low impact workout that is ideal for all ages. From beginners to experts and Olympic swimmers, the Endless Pool works. You can even adjust it to fit a variety of training and fitness needs as well as abilities.

What’s more, if someone has issues with working out on dry land, a workout in the pool can be just the answer.

Swimming is an incredible sport on its own, or you can use it to complement your other workout regimen.

#2: Swimmers Don’t Have to Turn

For many people who like to swim, it’s a real pain to stop and turn as they reach each end.

Because the Endless Pool Fitness System provides its own current, swimmers swim in place and don’t have to turn or flip to go the other way.

Swimming against the current means they don’t have to push off and can simply concentrate on their swimming and their form.

#3: Swimmers Control the Current

The Endless Pool lets you control the current. This can make the swim easier or harder and adds to your swimming challenge by providing extra resistance.

You’ll find that resistance training in the water is better on your body and helps to improve your power and your speed while burning extra calories.

#4: Swimmers Have More Body Awareness

The Endless Pool Fitness System has a mirror in the bottom. This means you can watch your workout, your stroking, and your body mechanics.

For example, if you’re a triathlete, you and your coach can work together to improve your stroke and your body position.

#5: It’s Therapeutic

In addition to its overwhelming exercise benefit, the Endless Pool has a therapeutic benefit, too. You can use the pool to promote relaxation and recovery when you use it with heated water.

When athletes get injured, they can use the Endless Pool for a low impact workout, to improve balance, alleviate pain, promote blood flow to injured areas, and increase flexibility.

Final Thoughts

An Endless Pool Fitness System offers swimmers and fitness buffs a myriad of options.

In addition to the home exerciser, Olympians, elite and professional athletes use an Endless Pool for training. It provides so many opportunities for everyone, no matter their fitness level or their age.

So, what are you waiting for? Isn’t it time you experienced one for yourself?

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