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5 Tips for Buying a Pool Table

Buying a pool table is a lifetime investment. Not only are you buying it to provide hours of fun, healthy entertainment, but you want to buy a quality American-made table. Here are five tips for buying a pool table so you have years of enjoyment.

Tip #1: Measure

When buying your new billiards table, you want to first measure the space where you’ll put it. It’s best to allow at least five feet of clearance on all sides of the table. This gives players room to use the cue stick.

Tip #2: Budget

How much money are you willing to spend on your new pool table? It especially helps to know your maximum price when choosing your new table’s options. Remember that quality, American-made pool tables like Olhausen come with a lifetime warranty.

Not all 100% pure rubber cushions are created equal. Cheap fillers have been used in billiard cushions for years.  Why settle for an imitation when you can have the cushion that has set the standard for accurate, consistent play-Accu-Fast by Olhausen, there’s a reason they are warranted for life.

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Tip #3: Research

Do your research. Talk to us. Learn as much as you can about the game of billiards if you don’t already. Check out online reviews.

Tip #4: Features

What kinds of features are you looking for in your new pool table?

Think about the type of playing surface. Decide what kind of material you want for the frame, rails and bumpers. Wood frames provide a better playing surface and withstand use. Decide on wood color. Think about the type and color of the cloth. You want to choose a strong, durable cloth.

Tip #5: Go Shopping

Now that you’ve done your research, it’s time to visit Ultra Modern. You can get up close and personal with the pool tables to make your final decision.

To Conclude

Still have questions about buying a pool table? Stop by one of our locations and let us help you. You’ll find many models to choose from. Plus, you can choose your model, table finish, rail, apron, leg, pocket and cloth. We look forward to helping you buy a pool table!