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5 Tips When Your Spa Goes Cold

“Help, it’s cold, and my heater isn’t working!” You’re ready to use your spa, but what can you do when your heater isn’t working. So what do you do now?

In this article, we look at five tips when your spa goes cold. First, let’s look at why your heater might stop working.

Reasons Your Hot Tub Heater Might Quit Working

You’ll find many possible reasons why your spa heater might stop working. Here are a few of those reasons:

  • You might have a low flow from the water that’s usually caused by dirty filters. It might also come from clogged pumps, blocked drains, or closed valves.
  • A thermostat issue might cause cold hot tub water. You can look and see if it’s broken.
  • You need a new hot tub cover replacement. Regularly check your hot tub cover for damage, tears, or sagging, and to see if it’s waterlogged.
  • Another common issue is that mice and rats chew on the wired of your hot tub. This causes a malfunction.
  • It’s cold, and you didn’t winterize the hot tub. Then, our hot tub can freeze up.

Now, let’s look at some answers.

#1: Unplug Power

#2: Pull the Filters Out

Once you do this, make sure to put the filter caps back on.

#3: Turn the Spa Off

Leave your hot tub off for about 10 minutes.

#4: Re-Start Your Spa

When you do this at first, please leave your filter out. If this works, move on to the last step.

#5: Clean or Replace Filter

If your spa heats up after you restart your spa without the filter, we recommend cleaning or replacing your filters. Deciding which route to take depends on the age of your filters.

Final Thoughts

If one of these steps work, please contact our service department! We are here for you in the greater Wichita area, and our expert service techs can help!

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