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6 Steps to Maintaining Your Pool In a Power Outage

Winter brings power outages, and that might have you worried about your swimming pool. What can you do in case of a power outage?

In this article, we look at six steps to maintaining your pool in a power outage.

#1: Turn off your breaker.

While you may not have power now, the first thing you should do is turn off all breakers to your pool. This way, when the power does return, you can assess your pool in a controlled environment before everything turns back on and causes potential havoc.

#2: Contact Ultra Modern.

Not only can you come to us for advice, we can also provide you with top notch experienced service technicians.

#3: Remove lids.

Freezing water expands, and it needs a place to go. To avoid cracking and damaging lids, removing pump pot and filter lids to avoid extra built-up pressure. This also provides extra space for any ice to go (during the winter).

#4: Open all valves.

Similar to removing lids, opening as many valves as you can, including the air relief valve on top of your filter, relieves pressure on the water that may expand within your equipment.

#5: Remove all plugs.

You can also remove many of your plugs to account for expanding water. Remove the pump pot plug, pump volute plug, the drain plugs next to the heater and the plug found at your dial valve. While most frozen plugs can be removed by hand, if needed, use a pair of pliers for extra leverage.

#6: Disconnect your motor.

As an extra step of protection, you can disconnect your motor from power if you are able.

Next, let’s look at what to do once your power comes back on.

How to “restart” your pool once power is restored

The power is finally back on… now what?

  1. Check under the pool cover and check for debris if your cover is on. If it’s not, clean debris out of your pool. Use a pole and a skimmer to remove anything that a suction cleaner can’t handle.
  2. Close any drain plugs or valves you may have opened during the power outage.
  3. Turn the breakers back on and prime the pool pump by adding water to the pot, replace the lid and turn the pool pump on.
  4. Ensure your pool pump and filter are working and then let them run for one hour to begin decontamination.
  5. After the hour is up, conduct a water test and rebalance your chemistry if necessary. If your power has been out for quite some time, you may need to super-chlorinate your pool to at least 10 ppm-free chlorine to reduce bacteria and microorganisms.
  6. Inspect all of your pool equipment. Reset timers for your pump and any other device that is on a timer.
  7. Give the walls and floor of your pool one round of circulation with a pool cleaner.

Final Thoughts

If freezing weather has caused a power outage, and you want help, give us a call or contact us below!

Our experienced Ultra Modern service techs are here to help you!

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