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7 Reasons You Should Open Your Pool Early

You may have heard us say, “Open Early, Close Late.” There are reasons for this, and we look at seven reasons you should open your pool early in Kansas.

If you’re like us, you dream about opening your swimming pool on the first spring-like day. For many of us in the Kansas area, that can happen as early as February and definitely by March. You may also wonder how soon is too soon. You know what we say?

Why do we say it? We’ve preached this mantra for 70 years, and while there are no strict pool opening rules, we know there are many reasons to open early. Let’s look at them.

#1: You Save Money

Not only does opening your pool early save you time, it definitely saves you money.

When you open when the weather is cooler, you are less likely to run into costly pool care issues such as algae. If people leave their pool covers on too long, and the temperatures head into even the low 80s, your water warms up, and untreated, you may be left with a swamp that is teeming with bacteria.

#2: Discourage Algae

While we’re talking about algae, some of you may be cringing. This is one thing that pool owners agree on – they do not want any algae in their swimming pool. Algae is ugly, slimy, and super hard to get rid of.

So, the most important reason to open your pool early is to prevent algae growth. You don’t want algae on your pool floor, walls, equipment, or in the water. It can take many hours of cleaning to rid your pool of algae.

Open early, and you may be able to stop algae before it takes hold.

#3: You Have Time for Repairs

If your pool needs repairs, and you open early, you have plenty of time to get them taken care of. The last thing you want to do is wait until Memorial Day when everyone wants their pool repaired. Imagine the look on your kids’ faces when they still aren’t swimming in June.

So, opening your pool early gives you plenty of time to spot any damage and get it repaired. Winter can be tough on your pool and deck area, so opening early helps you get your repairs done in the spring before it’s time to swim.

swimming pool filter

#4: You Can Have the First Pool Party

Is your grass growing? Is it turning green? Then don’t wait to open your pool!

When you open your pool early, you ensure that you have the first pool party on the block. You can set the tone for the whole summer by being ready to swim when everyone is! In our crazy Kansas weather, that means you may be hosting a party in late March or early April.

#5. You Can Enjoy Your Pool Longer

You have this beautiful swimming pool in your backyard, and it’s been covered since November. Opening early means you get that many more months of enjoyment.

Don’t wait until the heat of summer is unbearable. You can literally enjoy the ambiance of your pool from March through November. Family parties and barbecues can happen around the pool until it’s warm enough to jump in.

#6: Prevent the Build Up of Pollen

The trees are budding, and the pollen is thick. Do you really want this on your pool cover?

If you open your pool early, you avoid this problem. Plus, as your water continues to circulate throughout the day and night, the pollen is less likely to stick to your water and cause issues. If your backyard is particularly thick with pollen, we do have chemicals for your pool to help!

#7: Increase the Odds of a Clear Pool Opening

The last reason we suggest you open early is that you increase your odds of having a clear pool opening.

The longer you wait to open, the better chance your winter pool chemicals will dissipate. This leaves you with an unsanitized pool, and we all know what that means.

So, jump on your pool opening today!

Final Thoughts on Opening Early

Are you ready to open? You can do it yourself or schedule your pool opening with our expert staff. A beautiful spring and summer await you!