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Backyard Blogging.

Beer Braised Brats, Onions and Peppers

The perfect weekend recipe for any get together! We can’t say enough good things about these Beer Braised Brats, Onions and Peppers.


4-6 bratwurst
1 onion, sliced
1 red bell pepper, sliced
1 orange bell pepper, sliced
1 yellow bell pepper, sliced
1 tbsp olive oil
1 12-oz. can of lager beer
Salt and pepper


Set the Big Green Egg for direct cooking without a convEGGtor at 400°F/204°C.

Grill the bratwurst for about 10 minutes or until the internal temperature reaches 150°F. Remove from the EGG and set aside

Place the Dutch oven on the grid. Once the Dutch oven is hot, add the olive oil, onion, and peppers. Season with salt and pepper and cook for two-three minutes. Pour the beer over the onions and peppers. Add the bratwurst and cook for 15 or until the brats reach an internal temperature of 160°F.

Remove from the EGG and serve on a toasted bun with the peppers and onions on top. Enjoy!

Recipe and photo from Big Green Egg.