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Did You Know Playing Pool has Health Benefits?

There’s more to playing pool than you think! Did you know playing pool has health benefits? We uncover the secrets in this article. Millions of people play pool all over the country. They want to learn more, improve their game, and spend quality time with friends and family.

But they may not know they also get tons of health benefits from playing billiards. These benefits are both physical and mental. Here are the health benefits:

Mental: Build Focus

Playing billiards and getting the ball in the pocket takes a lot of focus. Imagine trying to find the perfect angle for your bank shot without knocking in the eight ball.

Billiards requires a lot of mental acuities and focus. This is challenging for your brain and great for your health.

Learning this type of focus in billiards also benefits you in other areas of your life.

Physical: Burn Calories

It’s always a bonus when doing something if you burn a few extra calories.

Now, pool playing is not strenuous exercise, but you also aren’t sitting on your sofa.

While not a cardio form of exercise, you are still moving around, working out your arms, and burning calories.

Mental: Improve Critical Thinking Skills

Deciding which shot to make and where to put the ball works on your analytical and deductive skills.  You must break down your play and work it out in little steps.

This not only hones your concentration, but it works your deductive reasoning. These are also great skills to take with you into your everyday life.

Physical: Tone Your Muscles

As we mentioned earlier, you use your muscles when playing pool.

You are working your arm muscles when you make your shots, and you are getting low impact toning in your leg, back, and hip muscles. How? You use them when you bend and move around to scope out the perfect shot.

Physical: Improve Your Balance

Pool is a game of balance.

You are constantly moving around, stretching, and leaning on one leg or another. You are a bit of a contortionist, moving your body into different angles so you can hit the ball. Sometimes you might even have your arms behind you.

These difficult shots really work your balance and greatly improve your stability.

Mental: Enhance Your Brain

Balance and physical prowess are the mainstays of some of the best pool players.

Pool requires players to use their math abilities and make mental calculations. This is the mental math all of our kids are learning in school!

What’s more, billiards require knowledge of geometry and physics. Bringing these skills out of the recesses of your mind certainly makes your mind sharper!

To Conclude

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