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Backyard Blogging.

Earth Day and Your Swimming Pool

Earth Day comes around every year on April 22, and many Americans pause and consider their impact on the environment.

We encourage you to think about it more than just this one day a year. Things like recycling, carpooling, and shopping local are things anyone can do. But did you know you can make your pool more earth friendly?

Wondering how to make your swimming pool more environmentally friendly? Check out this article for tips on Earth Day and your swimming pool!

Use LED Lighting

Does your swimming pool have lighting? If so, by using LED lights, your pool will be more earth friendly.

While LED lights are more expensive to purchase upfront, they are more energy efficient, and you spend less over the life of the bulb. Quite simply, LED lights usually last longer than their traditional counterparts.

In fact, according to the U.S. Department of Energy, LED bulbs use anywhere between 25 to 80% less energy than traditional incandescent and last three to 25 times longer!

You can lower your carbon footprint using LED lights in your swimming pool as well as in your outdoor room, on your deck, or on your patio.

Finally, LED lights often have color changing features so you can change out the colors for the seasons or the holidays.

Use Pool Covers

Another way to be a good steward of the environment is by installing a swimming pool cover.

During the cooler months, you may spend less on heating your pool because the cover helps keep the heat in.

During the warmer months, you can reduce the evaporation of your water. This means you are using less water because you aren’t having to top off your water as it evaporates in the Kansas heat.

Use and Efficient Pool Pump

The next thing you can look at is your pool pump. Is it old? Is it running as efficiently as you’d like?

Inefficient pool pumps use a lot of electricity – really bad ones can use as much energy as your home’s air conditioner.

How can you fix this?

  • Make sure your pool pump is the right size for your pool. If it’s too big, it uses more electricity than it needs.
  • Upgrade to a variable speed pump. This will save you up to 70% in your energy use.

Wondering if your pump is efficient? Stop by one of our three stores – we can help!

Use a Salt Chlorine Generator

You can also cut down on your chlorine consumption by installing a salt chlorine generator on your pool this Earth Day.

The generator produces chlorine naturally from salt to clean and sanitize your pool. This means you can reduce or eliminate the use of chlorine tablets.

Use a Robotic Pool Cleaner

Another green idea for your pool is the robotic pool cleaner. Not only does it reduce the amount of chemicals your pool needs, it reduces the amount of times you need to clean and change your pool filter.

Robotic pool cleaners are incredibly efficient.

And, remember, they’re a bonus for you, too, as you have less cleaning work to do on your own!

Final Thoughts

While Earth Day is only once a year, we can be mindful of our world every day.

Take this Earth Day to take stock of your backyard swimming pool. Decide which tools you’ll use to create a greener pool and backyard. If you have any questions, our expert staff is always here to help!