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Backyard Blogging.

Fabrics Set the Tone for the Outdoor Room

Just as inside your home, fabrics set the tone for the outdoor room. With plenty of patterns, textures and materials to choose from, we talk about how fabrics create ambiance.

Fabrics play a large role in helping you create the mood of your outdoor room. Fabrics also expand the functionality of your space.

With a myriad of color, style and performance choices available, outdoor fabric allows you to decorate beyond the confines of your home’s interior.

Outdoor fabric helps bring unity between the indoor and outdoor spaces of your home. You can decorate with as much style and sophistication outside as in.

Color is Big

Today’s outdoor fabrics are awash in color, texture and pattern. Long gone are the days when your only choices were a handful of neutral solids and stripes.

Blue, in all its many shades, remains a popular color choice outdoors, and it’s perfect for your relaxing sanctuary – one you can unplug in and unwind from the day’s stress.

Brighter tones, whether on cushions or as accents, evoke more of a party atmosphere. They are the perfect recipe for creating an entertaining space for family and friends.

Another strong color choice is gray, which blends particularly well with bright oranges and yellows.

Aquas and greens are finding their way onto porches and patios as well with stunning results. Along with color, beautiful patterns and appealing textures such as jacquards, twills and chenille, also have starring roles in the outdoors as well.

Durable Fabrics

In recent years, fabric manufacturers such as OW Lee have revolutionized the outdoor fabric category with durable textiles that are as weather-resistant as they are vivid and tactile.

The most popular in this exciting, new generation of materials is solution-dyed acrylic, or SDA, thanks to its high level of durability and low maintenance. SDA yarn is dyed with a liquid acrylic solution before the fibers are woven together, making it fade and water-resistant while still being soft and breathable.

Because the color goes all the way through the yarns, SDA is bleach-cleanable, allowing you to remove stubborn stains without damaging the fabric. Sunbrella provides the number one solution-dyed acrylic fabric in the country, and offers more than 100 beautifully woven solid and patterned fabrics, allowing you to achieve whatever look you fancy.

We are a proud retailer of OW Lee, and we offer fabric options that the highest level of durability. They come in a wide variety of color, patterns and textures to suit your decorating style.

The impressive range of cutting-edge fabrics not only reflects all of the latest trends, but extends the functionality of ultra-comfortable and exceptionally constructed furniture. OW Lee has helped to take outdoor furnishings into the next generation.

Stop by or contact us today to see more OW Lee.

Source material: OWLee