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Backyard Blogging.

Fun Father’s Day Pool Games

Looking for some super fun Father’s Day pool games? We’ve got just what you need!

Ninja Warriors

Have kiddos stand on the side of the pool in a jump position. Count 1, 2, 3, and then say the name of an animal, person, or thing. The kids get to leap into the pool, strike their pose, fall into the pool, and come back up laughing!

Don’t be afraid to get creative!

Squirt Gun Races

Create an obstacle course with some string and red plastic cups. String some rope or lightweight string across the pool (Use trees, chairs, or bushes to affix the string.).

Hook red cups on the string so the mouth of the cups are facing the players. The players then use their squirt guns to move the cups across the pool.

Whoever gets their cup across to the other side of the pool wins!

Frozen Popsicles

This is like freeze tag but for the swimming pool. Keep everyone in the shallow end. Since it’s Father’s Day, dad gets to be “it” first.

Once he tags a swimmer, they have to stand as frozen as a Popsicle until an un-tagged player thaws them out by tagging them.

Once the game is over, be sure and break out the Popsicles!


We bet Dad played P.I.G. with the kids on dry land and with a basketball goal. This is very similar.

The first player – Dad, of course – is the leader. The other players must follow exactly what he does. For example, if dad dives, everyone dives. If Dad does an underwater flip, everyone does a flip.

If a player doesn’t do the task, he or she gets a letter. Whoever spells F.I.S.H first, loses.


No pool party can end without a game of cannonball. Dad will have a lot of belly laughs with the kids watching everyone try to best the other. Just wait, though, until Dad’s turn as he is sure to be the winner!

Catch the Ball

For this game, you can have as many players in the pool as you want. They each need to straddle their own pool noodle. Then, throw in a beach ball and have them throw it back and forth.

The winner is the last person still riding their noodle while catching and throwing the ball. When players fall off their noodle, they are out. The last person floating wins.

This game is great exercise and works on balancing and motor skills.

Final Thoughts

We wish everyone a wonderful Father’s Day with family! We hope you and your family have a great time with these pool games and that your day is wonderful!