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Backyard Blogging.

Get on a Happier, Healthier Path in the New Year

This is the year to get on a happier, healthier path in the new year and feel better all year long. If the Covid pandemic has showed us anything, it’s that we don’t want to take our days for granted. We want to live them to the fullest.

It’s the year to eat healthy, exercise more and enjoy life. How can you accomplish all of this at one time? You can do it in a swimming pool. Let’s check out the benefits and how you can change your path today.

Get on a Happier, Healthier Path in the New Year

Pools are Good for Your Heart

According to Harvard Health, swimming is incredibly beneficial for your heart. Consider these two studies:

  1. The first study compared blood pressure, cholesterol levels, maximum energy output, and other measures of cardiovascular health across nearly 46,000 male and female walkers, runners, swimmers, and couch potatoes. Swimmers and runners had the best numbers, followed fairly closely by walkers. As you might expect, non-exercisers had the highest weights and resting heart rates and the worst cholesterol levels and overall fitness.
  2. The second study looked at deaths among 40,547 men ages 20 – 90. Over an average of 13 years of follow-up, only 2% of the swimmers died, compared with 8% of runners, 9% of walkers, and 11% of non-exercisers.

Both studies were published in the International Journal of Aquatic Research and Education.

Swimming works your heart and lungs. When you use your arms, your legs, and your core in the pool, you improve your strength and flexibility.

It’s the best exercise for most people because of the buoyancy of the water. Because it cushions and supports your body, you eliminate the pounding of exercises done on land. The chances of injury are greatly reduce.

Pools are Good Stress Reduction

Aside from the active part of swimming, there’s also the relaxing and meditative side.

If you’re looking for some stress relief, just sitting in the pool can be relaxing. Your mind can drift as you enjoy the outdoor sounds. Your body is enveloped in the water, and you have time to focus on you.

The stress reduction benefits of swimming also help your heart health because you are eliminating stress.


Pools Build Your Immune System

You strengthen your immune system when you are happy.  People are happiest when they are relaxed, either meditating or spending quality time with loved ones.

Both of these things can happen in a swimming pool.

Pools build your immune system by helping you feel relaxed, energetic, calm, and energized.

Get on a Happier, Healthier Paths

Final Thoughts

Let’s not forget that swimming pools are convenient. If you have one right in your backyard, you’re likely to use it more than you would a neighborhood pool or the one at the gym.

By putting a pool in your backyard, you take the first step toward leading a happier, healthier life.

Ready to explore your options? Ask us about our inground Radiant Play Pools or our Endless Pools today!