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Get More Out of Your Hot Tub in the Summer

Do you enjoy your hot tub all year long until you get to the heat of summer?

Do you reserve soaking to the early morning or late evening hours once the heat has let up some?

Or, are you one of the many people who leaves the cover on the hot tub all summer long because it’s just too hot?

Well, we’ve got a solution for you. Here’s how to get more out of your hot tub in the summer.

Yearning for Cool Hot Tub Water

Everyone is different, and while some hot tub users like to keep their hot tub hot all year, others want a way to cool the water down during the heat of the summer.

For many people, this means turning off the heater and letting the water cool slowly over time. Well, you know what that means in July and August in Kansas – it might be weeks before the water cools off.

CoolZoneTM is the Solution

With the CoolZone hot tub cooling system, you can enjoy both cool and warm hot tub water.

Think about it like an air conditioner. CoolZone cools your hot tub water to as low as 60 degrees.

That’s chilly, so it’s up to your personal preference. Perhaps you only want to cool it to 70 degrees, and that’s fine!

Then, when you’re ready to warm your water up, the system works with your hot tub heater to raise the water temperature in as little as just a few hours.

Bonus for you – the hot tub helps you cool down one day and warm up on another.

CoolZone is Therapeutic

Perhaps you’re wondering how cooler hot tub water can provide you with benefits.

Cold soaks can help you with muscle recovery. Consider the elite athletes who use ice baths to reduce post-workout sweating.

Then, when you leave the water, your muscles warm back up. This helps your muscles recover as you bring oxygenated blood back into them.

As you decide to warm the water back up, you reap the benefits of warm water immersion, helping ease sore muscles and tension and removing toxins from your body.

Is CoolZone Expensive to Run?

CoolZone is energy efficient, and you’ll find it can improve the energy use of your hot tub during regular operation.

How? It reduces the amount of time the hot tub water heater runs to keep the water hot.

This in turn saves you money on your monthly operating costs.

The increased energy efficiency can reduce your monthly operating costs over time and save you money.

Final Thoughts

Hot tubs are healthy for you and your family both physically and emotionally.

Now you can enjoy your hot tub year-round with the CoolZone system.

Spend time with your family unplugged from electronic distractions, relieve stress and enjoy life more with your own hot tub.