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How to Fix Green Hot Tub Water

You walk outside, ready to slip into your hot tub, and it’s green. What do you do?

Here’s how to fix green hot tub water.

Is It Algae?

Many people think algae when their hot tub water is green. If your sanitizer levels have been low, or your filter cartridge is dirty, this may be the case.

Touch the sides of your spa, and if they feel slimy, you probably have an algae bloom.

Algae can grow, even underneath your hot tub cover and in warm water. To treat your hot tub, check and balance your pH and alkalinity. A shock treatment is also appropriate.

Once you’ve filtered out the dead algae, replace your spa cartridge with a new one.

Is It Copper?

The mineral copper may also be to blame for green hot tub water.

It may come in through your copper pipes or natural well water. While not harmful, this is the same copper that turn’s swimmers’ hair green.

Add chlorine and shock and clean the filter to take the first step in solving your problem.

Your Last Resort

If you’ve tried adding and adjusting your chemicals, but the water is still green, it’s time to drain your hot tub and refill with fresh water.

Before refilling, give your hot tub surface a good cleaning.

You’ll soon enjoy sparkling, healthy and clean hot tub water. Keep up on your maintenance (we can help!) for the best enjoyment.

Final Thoughts

The best way to fix your hot tub water is to maintain the best environment in your spa. Many complex elements must be kept in balance: hardness, pH, alkalinity, temperature, etc. If any of these are out of order, your hot tub experience could be unpleasant.

Remember that you can always bring us a sample of your water for testing. Our computerized system can tell you exactly what chemicals you need.

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